traveling-wave tube

An electron tube in which a stream of electrons interacts continuously or repeatedly with a guided electromagnetic wave, moving substantially in synchronism with it and in such a way that there is a net transfer of energy from the stream to the wave. A TWT can be used to produce energy at ultrahigh and microwave frequencies by coupling some of the output back into input, or what is called a backward oscillator, because the feedback is applied opposite to the direction of the movement of electrons. This can produce about 20 to 100 mW of radio-frequency power at frequencies up to several gigahertz. The backward-wave arrangement can also be used for amplification, but the most common traveling-wave amplifier configuration is the parametric amplifier, which uses the forward-wave mode.
The helix slows down the propagation of electrons as they travel down the tube, the electrons will bunch, and reinforce the voltage in the helix, which creates amplification.

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